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Absolutely love these candy boxes! They're the perfect size for small treats, and the variety of colors and designs make them perfect for any occasion. Plus, the quality is fantastic, they're sturdy and don't bend or break easily.

Henry Evan

Absolutely love these candy boxes! They're the perfect size for small treats, and the variety of colors and designs make them perfect for any occasion. Plus, the quality is fantastic, they're sturdy and don't bend or break easily.

Henry Evan

High-Quality Custom Candy Boxes:

High-quality packaging highlights the brand’s reputation. It can also help you to retain old clients. In fact, such packaging can assist you to get more and more new clients. If a brand is successful in making customers happy it is practically inevitable that it will market its products to others. So we prefer quality-oriented materials to make top-class packaging boxes. Moreover, we also come up with splendid and extraordinary boxes. So you can rely on Tycoon Packaging for exceptional boxes. If you want to pack your mouthwatering candies in an artistic box then spend money on our custom candy boxes.  

Present Your Candies In Incredibly Upscale Boxes:

Everyone is aware of how much both children and adults love candies. To preserve your candies you can employ custom candy packaging boxes. These packaging boxes are as attractive as candies. We at Tycoon Packaging make attractive packaging boxes for our clients. You can get a box of any color and size according to the item’s preference. If you want to boost sales then go ahead and try our amazing boxes.

Boost The Allure Of Your Company:

Tycoon Packaging has an ever-lasting reputation and we are always available to assist your company. We sell several different types of boxes. Our luxury candy boxes are one of them. Our packaging boxes also come with lots of fun customization options. 

Furthermore, by using our treat candy boxes you can maximize the likelihood of luring additional customers to your items and brand. Furthermore, by displaying your emblem on candies as well as boxes you can advertise your brand very well. 

We Come Up With Exceptional Customization Choices:

As customers make their orders and purchases from trusted brands. It’s very difficult to win the trust of people. Trust is the foundation of a successful company and it begins with the right packaging. Our Custom candy boxes are a fantastic choice for packaging. 

We’ll simplify things for you. And for that purpose, we come forth with extraordinary customization choices. Moreover, vendors have access to a vast variety of styles, designs ad forms of boxes. So, our retail candy boxes will give the ideal experience for brands.

Extraordinary Coating Options:

By adding coatings on artisan candy boxes you can quickly position your company as the top option for the buyers. For our clients, we customize every square inch of the candy boxes and leave no chance for mistakes. Our extra coating facility can raise the bar of your candies in the marketplace. The following is the list of these additional accessories:

  • We use UV coating to hypnotize clients.
  • To make large candy boxes more secure and safe we prefer glass lamination.
  • We use gold foiling to enhance the appeal of custom candy gift boxes.
  • You can also consider stamp foiling for custom candy boxes.
  • For a bright and sleek look we use gloss and matte coatings.

Multiple Material Options:

Customers are becoming more concerned about the environment. Currently, everyone is concerned about global warming. We are playing our role by providing green, reliable, and eco-friendly candy packaging. 

As environmentally friendly cardboard candy box packaging is the ideal one. Customers find it more appealing to purchase the item you sell if you care about the environment. So, by employing recyclable packaging materials you can support sustainable packaging. Our material options include cardstock, Kraft paper, cardboard, corrugated and rigid materials.

We Are Available With Add-on options:

It’s a saying that:

“Don’t judge a book by its cover”.

But the worth of an effective packaging aesthetic can not be underestimated. A lot of customers are likely to trust an item simply because of its packaging. Several firms are now trying to make premium packaging since pristine and stylish looks lend their goods a premium impression. If you offer your candies in an unappealing and plan box, customers are not likely to purchase from you. So, you can avoid these problems by using our fancy candy boxes with appealing looks. We come forth with add-on options like window patching, embossing, hot stamping, metallic foiling, and debossing.

Get Printing options From Us:

Custom-printed candy boxes are designed very creatively. If you are willing to make a distinct brand identity then you should opt for our printed packaging. You can imprint whatever you want on boxes like logos, typefaces, messages, and graphics by using our printing techniques.

You can use the offset printing technique for fewer orders. But for bulk candy packaging orders, we offer a digital printing method. Some perks of our printing solutions are the following:

  • They are fit for clients’ needs.
  • We can imprint details of items, the company’s name and emblem, and other details with printing approaches which is another useful feature.
  • These printing solutions are affordable and have low costs.
  • We use the best color combinations that make attractive printing results.

Add Cool Colors With Our Color Models:

Hypnotic color is a key to get success in the marketplace. Colorful candies attract kids so does the colorful packaging. Everyone loves bright and catchy colors. So, you should imply colors on white candy boxes just like your colorful candies. You can use color models to add colors like CMYK or PMS color models. 

Moreover, you can get colorful boxes from us for various occasions like birthdays, Christmas, and other celebrations. In fact, you can get Christmas candy boxes wholesale at reasonable rates from us. 

Wholesale Offers:

It is very essential to consider your budget while making packaging boxes. Try to avoid overspending on a plan, simple and worthless box. In fact, spend your cash on our wholesale custom candy boxes. 

By placing bulk orders at wholesale rates and discounts you can get more. Tycoon Packaging is always concerned about the client’s budget. Therefore, we offer pocket-friendly rates for candy boxes for sale.

Why Tycoon Packaging Is The Ideal Place For You?

Tycoon Packaging is available with endless designs and styles of candy boxes in NYC at affordable prices. 

Moreover, we always respect the emotions of our clients while making customized packaging boxes. Candy boxes near me serve as a constant reminder of our devotion and concern for our loyal clients.

So, hurry up! For enjoying our custom candy boxes contact us immediately.

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