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Cereal Box Sides and Perks

All You Need To Know About Cereal Box Sides and Perks

The core of a profitable company is its client experience. Also, you may add a pulse to your whole business with innovative cereal box designs.

Customer experience exists in all facets of your business, from customer support to item quality. And you got it—right on the outside of the package itself—is one place where it is most pertinent to cereal box layout ideas.

Well, have you ever focused on the sides of cereal box design? 

Do you know how many sides of a cereal box? If your answer is six then you are right.

Let’s go through all the sides and their features one by one!

6 Amazing Sides Of A Cereal Box

A breakfast cereal box’s back and front sides measure roughly four to five times broader than the other side. Its flatter left and right sides make it simpler to take from the aisle at home or in the grocery store.

  1. Front Side Of Cereal Box:

The front of cereal box packaging features immediately identifiable logos, attention-grabbing items, brand names, and pictures to draw in customers. To foster brand loyalty among consumers, some cereal producers have created item mascots.

  1. Back Side of a Cereal Box:

As cereal itself does not have any redeeming qualities. The puzzles, games, tidbits, and sweet delicious recipes that are prepared with the recyclables in the box are located on the back side of the cereal box.

  1. Side with Nutritional Details:

Following that is a side with the business’s label at the top plus some nutritional data, including calories, vitamins, and elements like whole grains. This side of a cereal box contains nutritional details and their quantities.

In addition, the cereal’s packaging lists its low-fat content, high level of fiber, dietary supplements, and mineral content, less sugar content compared to other breakfast options, and ease of preparation and consumption. When such details are printed on personalized cereal boxes, customers are informed about a range of product features before purchasing.

  1. Box Side like A Newsletter:

The opposite side is somewhat of a small newsletter, offering information about a company and its dedication to sustainability. This side of the box also contains the principles and motifs of a brand toward a greener and healthier future.

Aspects of the cereal, such as the absence of corn syrup with high fructose content just like on the top of the packaging, are also indicated at the bottom of this side.

  1. Top Side of a Cereal Box:

Next, take a glance at the box’s top, which has the organization’s name, Gmail, contact no, expiry and manufacturing dates, and the large words “First Ingredient Whole Grain,”.

  1. Bottom Side of a Cereal Box:

Lastly, the serial number (SKU), information about recyclables, and game answers are located on the cereal box’s bottom side.

Is It Possible To Recycle Cereal Boxes?

There is often contradictory data available on this topic.

Given that paper items can be recycled in the majority of contemporary recycling plants and that cereal boxes are composed of paper. So, yes. Cereal boxes are compostable.

Some of these, meanwhile, won’t withstand being run through industrial composting equipment. Nevertheless, there is a unique type of compostable paper packaging solution. Kraft is the name of that substance.

Wood pulp and paper are combined to create Kraft products. Additionally, although it is not as robust as conventional paper products, it will eventually break down in a decomposing environment.

Knowing Why Cereal Packaging Is Necessary. 

In the past, confinement and shielding were the only two main functions of packaging. However, the advent of the internet and advances in technology have raised the bar for packaging requirements, pushing them to include advertising, marketing, and accessibility. 

Cereal Enclosures.

The fundamental goal of packaging has always been to provide protection, even though most of us may have overlooked this, it is still vital. Undoubtedly, every box’s structural layout shows how many things can fit inside of it. Consequently, when designing blank cereal boxes, keep packaging placement in mind as your main goal.

Personalization In The Packaging Of Cereals. 

The newest buzzword in the food packaging sector is individualization or customization, and cereal box manufacturers are not holding back. These days, businesses are choosing to use personalized cereal boxes due to the increasing importance of distinguishing their cereal items in the cutthroat industry.

This section pays particular attention to the notion that cereal box makers play an integral part in the persona of any company and are the driving force behind their ability to attract consumers.


Make their lives easier if you want your clients to respond favorably. This is indeed the cornerstone of delighting consumers and clients—no one is willing to put up with anything that makes their lives more unpleasant.

Pay attention, this is straightforward: why would a consumer search for a different cereal firm if a cereal company offers cereals in packaging that is straightforward to select and open and instructs consumers on how to utilize the cereals?

Design Guidelines for Personalized Cereal Boxes. 

Logo Position And Size: Your company’s logo serves as its face. Make sure the package of breakfast cereal is big enough to be readily identifiable by taking into account its positioning and size.

Images And Animations: Captivating pictures have the power to evoke strong feelings in viewers and tell a tale. Make sure the pictures you use, whether they are of the cereals or lifestyle photos, support your brand’s messaging.

Typographic Design: The box’s overall appearance is enhanced by the font’s size and tone. Select a typeface that is both clear and fits the vibe of the company you represent.

Content Hierarchy: Vital data, including dietary requirements and product advantages, have to be conveniently available. Create a distinct structure to help users browse the content.

Materials And Finishing: The item’s perceived superiority may be affected by the box’s composition and finishing (satin, glossy, etc.). Select resources that complement the market position of your company.


Qno1: What is custom cereal packaging?

Cereal packaging is a method of presenting a nutritious product by protecting it from light, pollutants, and air while also maintaining the right moisture balance. This is accomplished by utilizing a variety of packaging components, including cardboard, plastic, and others.

Never forget that proper cereal packaging helps to preserve the item’s uniqueness until it reaches the final consumer. For this reason, packaging companies employ cutting-edge machinery and multi-layered materials that provide unparalleled defense against dead folds and outstanding barriers.

Qno2: What constitutes an excellent cereal box?

Cardboard is a good material to use for cereal boxes because it is durable and low-absorbing. Kraft paper is a fantastic substitute for plastic or metal when it comes to packaging materials. Another good feature is that it is resistant to dampness.

Qno3: What is the height of a cereal box? 

The typical height of a cereal box is approximately 12 inches. The majority of cereal packaging box makers follow this height, but it may vary depending on the brand.

Certain producers will increase the overall height of cereal boxes during an advertising campaign. These promos may include a gift or a percentage increase.

Consequently, most cereal producers adhere to these specifications when creating 12-inch-tall cereal boxes

Qno4: How to determine the dimensions of a cereal box. 

A cereal box’s measurements are as follows:

 Length x breadth x height. 

Your item’s packaging supplier will likewise utilize this format to create your boxes.

Qno5: Are the cereal boxes necessary for my product packaging? 

The cereal box is vital if your goal is to turn a profit and avoid losing money. These boxes not only keep the item crunchy and fresh, but they also aid in business promotion. Because of the high caliber of material used in their construction, these boxes are robust. Customers will purchase and accumulate more goods in their homes as a result. 

Qno6: What details must a cereal box contain? 

To ensure that consumers are aware of what they are consuming, you must include an ingredient list on the package of cereal. It matters because some individuals have allergies to certain components, while others prefer not to consume excessive amounts of sugar in their diet. Examine the lists of components of the cereal in your house to find out what’s in it.

Final Words

There must be special packaging for every kind of cereal. The most effective way to set them apart and give them an established spot on the retailer’s shelf is through custom printing. Using top-notch printing is the key to developing a profitable cereal business.

To achieve an outstanding packaging layout, pay great thought to even the smallest elements. Printing details and features on cereal box sides enable you to create particular, creative box designs. 

We are also here to support you if you feel that you are lacking in design abilities. To request a creative and compelling cereal box approach simply get in touch with our client’s sales agent and request help from “Tycoon Packaging”.

Have a good day!

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