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  • Small Rigid Boxes

    Small Rigid Boxes raise the perceived worth of the goods you sell in the marketplace and raise the visibility of your brand. Sensitive things like makeup items, electronics, perfumes,…

  • Custom Luxury Rigid Boxes

    Boxes might not be the immediate thing that springs to mind when thinking of the things we use on a daily basis. But contrary to what you might believe,…

  • Custom Large Rigid Boxes

    To save you from using time-consuming packaging boxes, there are now Large rigid boxes. Right now, giving your packaging a posh appearance might entice customers and attract them to…

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Absolutely love these candy boxes! They're the perfect size for small treats, and the variety of colors and designs make them perfect for any occasion. Plus, the quality is fantastic, they're sturdy and don't bend or break easily.

Henry Evan

Absolutely love these candy boxes! They're the perfect size for small treats, and the variety of colors and designs make them perfect for any occasion. Plus, the quality is fantastic, they're sturdy and don't bend or break easily.

Henry Evan
It is extremely important to have solid packaging especially when it involves shipping and preserving the goods you sell. You can take help from our rigid boxes in this regard. Everything you sell will be delivered properly due to the compact yet robust construction of these packaging boxes.
We use green and robust materials for their construction, which gives them strength and lightness. Additionally, the material increases its adaptability and longevity, enabling them to be molded specifically for any item’s size. They provide a greater degree of safety than conventional shipping boxes, making them a great option for carrying and preserving fragile commodities. As a whole, this form of packaging is a great choice for the security of the item and display.

What obstacle is standing in the way of your company’s search for a packaging supplier who can create custom rigid boxes? Whenever it is about creating persistent packaging for items and offerings associated with the company that you represent, you can rely on Tycoon Packaging. You could potentially able to draw clients and raise the worth of your company with the aid of our boxes.

Below are the reasons to think about adopting our custom rigid boxes when seeking a trendy and reliable way to showcase goods in stores.

The Most Appropriate Packaging For Protecting Goods.

Utilizing our custom printed rigid boxes will help you sell more of your goods while also ensuring their security throughout transit and shipping. For transporting sensitive or delicate items, our boxes are often useful or helpful. Along with this, these boxes are implemented to make it simple for you to transport the thing easily and effectively and preserve it fairly and properly. 

After purchasing your goods, buyers will tell their friends and family about the outstanding quality and effectiveness of your Custom made rigid boxes. So, these boxes will handle 50% of your item’s advertising.

Avail The Ideal Materials From Us:

There are numerous options available for the packaging materials for your goods. At Tycoon Packaging the best packing supplies are available for your use. Some material options are corrugated and cardboard. There are many benefits to using these packaging supplies. 

  • They have recyclable components. 
  • These supplies are economical and responsive to the environment. 
  • Additionally, these materials can be personalized and printed with superior quality. Hence, you can pick the right material for your goods according to your preferences. 

Availability Of Add-Ons And Finishing Options:

The finishing touches are an important step in the customization process. You must not undervalue the importance of giving your luxury rigid boxes the final touches. You may create a straightforward, stylish, and appealing appearance that gives the impression of luxury by using our finishing opportunities. This makes your things appear to be significantly more valuable, which is an outstanding marketing strategy. 

You have complete freedom of selecting any coating option among the following:

  • Satin coating.
  • Glossy coating.
  • Soft-touch finishing.

Moreover, you can also add additional features to custom rigid boxes USA by employing the following add-ons:

  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Au/Ag stamping.
  • Die-cut windows.

Please don’t hesitate to make choices based on your intended needs. Feel free to select any of these customizing options.

Complete Personalizing Flexibility For Custom Printed Rigid Boxes:

The design of the item itself, without a doubt, contributes to half of its promotion. The artwork and vibrant colors of the rigid box draw customers and encourage them to explore the good you sell. If you add enough details about your company and its items then the clients will completely satisfy and they will buy your items immediately without any second thought. At reasonable prices with superior colors, we provide printing options like:

  • Offset printing.
  • Digital Printing.

Well, colors are essential to visual identity and have emotional and psychological connotations. Also, particular hues may stand for enthusiasm or reliability. We have an extensive range of colors and our colors are extremely dependable. Moreover, as a rigid box manufacturer, we offer the following color models to our clients:

  • Model no 1: Pantone Matching System-PMS.
  • Model no 2:  CMYK with one or two colors.

Perks Of Opting For Our Custom Rigid Boxes

Custom Rigid Boxes are capable of offering a number of conveniences for safeguarding and promoting goods like:

  • Provide a shield against humidity.
  • Pocket-friendly packaging.
  • Favorable to the ecosystem.
  • Help to bring up the company’s personality.

Provide shield against humidity:

In order to maintain the caliber of some goods, rigid gift boxes with lids provide a strong shield against dampness. 

Pocket-friendly packaging:

Rigid boxes bulk are a great option because they are more affordable than conventional boxes. You should avail of these boxes if you want to secure money.

Favorable to the ecosystem:

To make these rigid boxes near to me fewer resources, as well as less energy, are required. So, they have significantly reduced ecological effects. You can rely on these boxes if you want green packaging solutions.

Help to bring up the company’s personality:

To avoid damage during transportation, proper packaging is vital. Our well-constructed rigid packaging boxes will provide protection for the item while lowering the possibility of damage throughout shipment.

Well, when handling fragile objects, custom-made rigid boxes are necessary. Additionally, these well-sealed boxes keep out dust, dirt, wetness, and other substances that might harm the object. You can not only use our boxes to preserve the product but you may also use them to advertise your goods. These boxes are frequently used by businesses to promote their goods and convey the essence of their brands.

Get Custom Rigid Boxes At Wholesale Rates:

Our custom rigid boxes wholesale are easily accessible on marketplaces. They are also readily available at wholesale prices. If you make a purchase in bulk, this will be a cheap and cost-effective option.

Give Hype To Your Brand With Tycoon Packaging:

You can join hands with Tycoon Packaging for extravagant box manufacturing and printing alternatives. With our flawlessly built rigid boxes, which include intriguing designs, distinctive types, and every single detail that works together to create an exceptional promotional tool for your items, we’re continuously thinking of novel approaches to entertain you. 

Additionally, you can receive no-charge design guidance, flawless packaging, finishing, expertise in designing, and free delivery to the United States and Canada, as well as numerous other extra rewards. Moreover, we also provide you with free sampling before making a purchase. All the original and cutting-edge ideas that can provide you control over the packaging of your goods are available in our graphic portfolio. So, if you’d like to place an order, contact our staff by email or by calling. 

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